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“Manage Positioning of Study Area For Better Concentration” BY: Superlative Vastu consultation from the superior Vastu guide

“Manage Positioning of Study Area For Better Concentration

BY: Superlative Vastu consultation from the superior Vastu guide

Dr. A. Bhardwaj

“Tamso ma Jyotirgamaya”


ace North to welcome Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge & wisdom. Directions have their own significance in Vaastu. All children are born with their inherent culture & talent which has to be given desired shape, pace & direction. Vaastu Shastra defines the appropriate positioning for study on the basis of its co-relation with magnetic field & utilisation of supporting rays, gained from sun light. Study place is preferred to keep in North-West direction or alternatively in between centre of perfect East & perfect East-North (Ishaan Corner). Never place your Study in extreme SW, SE or NE corners since they represent the other elements of ‘Panchtatwa’ & don’t contribute to determine a rewarding career. Hence Vayavya portion is said to be the auspicious place for study facing North. Alternatively, East facing is also equally good for general / routine study. Students can face East during initial classes upto school education but while aimed at specific career goals, competition or entrance examinations, it is North direction that can help in concentration. Building the study room in east direction adjacent to the Pooja site, is benefited with the morning sun-light too, thus bringing more freshness by creating an atmosphere of natural light. 


Avoid “Mind-blockage” :- Let positive energy flow & circulate in and around your study table. It is vital to remove any obstacle like wall, heavy furniture, high rising study desk or other similar blocks in front of you. If finding it difficult to remove them, slide your study table a-bit away from these obstacles. Place your books in the left side drawer & bring-out only the books you are going to use immediately instead of making a huge pile before you. Such heavy books’ towers too cause mind blockage if  gathered in a large number before face, especially when they are hardly seen even for months together. I have found that more than 60% students try to maintain a huge heap of books & note books at their study table, which pleases them with the feeling that they study too much! If not to them, then to their parents, friends, relatives or others in the surrounding.


It is advised them to maintain that tower to a considerably low height, immediately remove those 15-20 non working, damaged pens & ball pens from the drawer you have been keeping since years together thinking that one day they shall be used as spare-parts to repair other writing instruments. Many times they not only cause wastage of time but also these are scraps and can absorb the positivity. Keep on dusting your Study area, books, drawers, table, chair, especially behind the table on a regular basis. Studying in a clean atmosphere gives much satisfaction & concentration. All of us may recall that a dog also dusts the area with his tail before sitting on the ground. 


Have faith in Almighty:- Chanting of ‘Gayatri Mantra’ or religion-wise similar recitation for a while in the morning can bless the students with positive thinking & remove depression and proves to be a good meditational exercise. Respect & worship Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge & wisdom. She is worshipped before each educational programme, ceremony, artistic & musical concerts or other knowledge oriented occasions with ‘Saraswati Vandana’ exactly like routine auspicious poojan, hawan etc are started with reciting worship of lord Ganesha. Give due regards to your parents & elders. Value your youngers too.


Use appropriate light :- Try to maintain the lights giving soothing effect. Too much heavy or extensively heat generating lights at the study table are always harmful because they put an impact of heaviness on our eyes & then causing the adverse effect on mind too. Similarly, less illumination may cause adverse effect on eye sight. In Vaastu, darkness is a symbol of negativity. So try to have a medium density light in appropriate candila power. If we use computer, the same is proposed to keep on right side, preferrably in the AGNEYA (S-E) corner. Place a small four sided pyramid of natural crystal on the top of monitor. It shall help reducing the radiations & cut-short the frequency of computer related troubles.  Students with less confidence or carrying an unknown fear must put a scenery of mountain behind the chair. It shall mentor by providing support and shall motivate to achieve heights.


Maintain dignity of study room:- I have noticed a recent trend amongst the students that they usually prefer keeping a number of posters of their favourite hero, heroines, players, body-builders or portraits of fighting men, wild animals, crying people or shouting masses’ poses. They always divert the attention & the mind usually starts flying with the scenes. vastu remedies for health problems, Scientific Vastu Consultancy, Best Vaastu Consultants in Bangalore, vastu dosh remedies for north east toilet, Top Vastu Experts in Bangalore, T junction house vastu remedies, Paranormal Experts in Delhi, vaastu remedies for your home, Top Most Vastu Consultants in India, vastu bathroom remedies, vastu colour tips for kitchen, Best Vastu Expert in Delhi, Scientific Vastu Consultants, vastu crystal remedies, vastu defects and remedies pdf, vastu dosh remedies for kitchen, vastu dosh remedies for south facing house, House Vastu Consultants in Delhi,Vastu for Flats, vastu dosh remedies for toilet, vastu dosh remedies for west facing, Best Vastu Directions of Kitchen, house, vastu dosh remedies, Paranormal Experts in India, vastu dosha remedies pdf, vastu kitchen remedies, vastu related tips, vastu remedies bedroom north east, vastu remedies, Bedroom north west, vastu remedies bedroom, vastu remedies books, vastu remedies by pyramid, Vastu Consultancy Services in Delhi, vastu remedies for 3 doors in a row, Best Vastu Advice in Delhi, vastu remedies for a south facing house, Best Paranormal Expert in Delhi,Vastu Consultancy Services in Noida, As per Vaastu Shastra, these type of scenes cause inviting the negative energy, ruins the holiness of the pious places & start diverting concentration. So create a model reference person in your mind, what you want to become like, says Merton, the famous Sociologist in his ‘Reference Group Theory’.


Remember, perseverance, trust & faith are the best supporters that can enrich everyone with positive will power and feeling of determination to say “I can make it possible”!  Superlative Vastu consultation from the superior Vastu guide



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