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Is it essential to fix up the kitchen area in a house? What may happen if the cooking area is not fixed? The Vastu & practical factors.

 Is it essential to fix up the kitchen area in a house? What may happen if the cooking area is not fixed? The Vastu & practical factors.

Yes, it is very essential to fix up the kitchen area in a house. It is because all the principles of Vastu science based on the directions and sub-directions as well as ‘Pancha Tatva’ or five basic elements known as Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. Moreover, all the guidelines cited in the age old Vedic Vastu science mainly aim at the wellbeing of the entire human being with good health, wealth, peace and harmony. As per the Vastu science all the sub-directions of a premise are defined with respect to ‘Pancha Tatva’ and each ‘Tatva’ or element governs one particular direction or sub-direction. As per Vastu each direction or sub-direction puts its impact on the premises as well as the inmates with respect to the nature of its presiding element. Hence, Vastu recommends performing all our activities as well as placement and position of different rooms and interiors within our residential or commercial premises with respect to the directions and sub-directions along with their respective presiding elements. In a house the heat or fire related activities are done in the kitchen for preparing foods for the family members. Therefore, from the scientific point of view a healthy environment in the kitchen is

always necessary to keep the food grains and other eatable things preserved in good conditions. Moreover, the comfortability of the cooks or wives who have to spend a substantial part of their routine is also an important factor in terms of their physical health. It is obvious that a healthy atmosphere in the kitchen always helps in preparing healthy foods which ultimately defines good health of the entire family members. According to Vastu science the south-east corner of a premise is presided by the ‘Fire’ element or ‘Agni’ Tatva. Since the sun is stationary and the earth completes one spin in 24 hours on its imaginary vertical axis which is tilted by 23.50; so the earth’s surface is differently blessed with the Agni Tatva or sun shine during different part of the day. The sun’s electromagnetic radiations comprise UV-A (320-380nm), UV-B (290-320nm) and infrared rays and these UV and infrared rays that the south-east direction of a premise receives from the sun are quite balanced. These keep the kitchen moderately hot and disinfect the inner side by killing the bacteria and fungi. On the other hand the intensity of sunlight remains comfortable whole the day in the south-east direction. Moreover, being India a big tropical country its surface wind tends to blow mostly from west to east because of the influence of the earth’s counter clock-wise rotation and Coriolis force. This also helps in carrying away the harmful smoke and oily fumes from the kitchen.

That is why Vastu advises placing the kitchen in south-east direction that includes the area from the middle of East to the

middle of south of a premise. In Vastu the proper south-east corner is treated as the best option.

Therefore, while planning to construct a new building a decision to fix up the kitchen in the best Vastu location is found to be scientific and practical in terms healthy environment in the kitchen as well as the health of the entire family members. Otherwise, frequent health problems among the family members will result unnecessary monetary loss in the family.

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Home Is it essential to fix up the kitchen area in a house? What may happen if the cooking area is not fixed? The Vastu & practical factors.