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“Fire” element according to Vastu Shastra….

 “Fire” element according to Vastu Shastra….

In Vastu Shastra, the fire element implies the useful sunlight and sun rays within the range of 280nm to 300 nm. In daily routine, human beings get more than 90% of energy from sun. The sun light is usefulbecause it makes the life comfortable and the warmth makes the planet earth a suitable place for our survival. Other planets also get these benefits from the sun. As shown in the below picture, south-east direction is assigned to the fire element and is called “Agneya” corner. Although its occupancy starts from the middle of east and goes up to middle of south, however, its maximum intensity lies in extreme corner of south-east. “Shukra” is the planet (Nakshatra) which represents south-east.


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