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“As human being, we cannot feel all the natural forces & vibrations.” WHY....

“As human being, we cannot feel all the natural forces & vibrations. WHY”

Our entire universe is governed by some natural forces and on the basis of these natural forces lots of phenomena occur in the universe that define the existence and dynamism of all the celestial bodies as well as make the universe abound with numerous cosmic vibrations (energies).

Being on Earth, the only lively planet of our solar system we are always being influenced by solar energy, water, air as well as the natural forces like Earths momentum, Earths magnetic lines of force, and Earths gravitational force which are responsible for the existence of all the animate and inanimate things on planet Earth. But as a human being we are only able to feel few of them with the help of our sense organs whereas most of them are recognized by scientific instruments and laboratory experiments.

In our solar system, the entire electromagnetic radiations of Sun (ranging from Gamma ray to radio wave) influence every animate and inanimate thing on Earth either positively or negatively. But as a human being we cant perceive its entire spectrum rather we can see and feel a small spectrum of it as light and heat which is known as the visible spectrum. It is better to get Vastu advice while making the house. We are experienced Vastu adviser with the logical mind-set. Today most of the people are making the houses & commercial sites as per Vastu Shastra & he is searching the best Vastu Consultants or top most Vastu consultant so that the benefits of Vastu Shastra may be enjoyed. The world class Vastu guru- Dr. Anand Bhardwaj writes on the basic & technical aspects of Vastu Shastra consultancy services in India. Therefore get customised Vastu advice- no copy-paste and thus be accurate, be wise—select the best Vastu consultant.With the help of our sense organs we cannot feel that the Earth has two magnetic poles whereas with a small magnetic compass they can be easily recognized. We cannot also feel that the Earths magnetic lines of force effectively extend several tens of thousands of kilometers into the space which deflects most of the solar wind. Otherwise, its charged particles with high energy would strip away the ozone layer which protects us from the harmful ultraviolet or UV-C (100nm-290nm) radiation of the sun. The planet Earth, due to its angular momentum spins on its imaginary axis at a speed of about 1670 Km/hour. The gravitational force of Earth retains every massive body on its surface. Again, we can also see the tides in ocean during full moon hours which are the result of the gravitational force between Earth and moon. But as a human being we cannot feel all these natural forces & vibrations at all.

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